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i remember i'd done something disruptive in class somewhere between second and fifth grade, and i was locked up in some sub-room of elementary school for recess. this in and of itself didn't bother me, but i was pretty bored. i had some written work to do and i decided i didn't like how i'd been taught to write letters. i spent the whole of lunch break and recess categorically coming up with a new handwriting style. take the way my dad writes an upper-case D and crosshatches a 7, a few letters from mum, some i'd seen elsewhere and liked, then a few from class i regarded as acceptable. i also took inspiration from cursive and began working out how to write... er, non cursive (i'm sure there's a word for it, but i forget) without lifting the pen from the page nearly as much. the decisions i made w/rt how i write letters were largely settled that day, but conjoining everything for less pen-left and more speed was something that has continued and evolved over the years. a few changes in letter style, i suppose, but mostly in persuit of more speed. i like the pilot G2 pens for their willingness to spew ink like byron's cock; 07 is about write. 10 smears too easily, but i always wind up with ink from dragging my hand across the paper anyways. i type even more quickly than i write, but neither works as fast as my brain, and this is intolerable. i need a bunch of electrodes on a collander or something to read my zygomatic twitches