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What serials, Barbie?

REFERENCEZ the first aqua record ever pressed -- STOLEN!

that is the platonic earworm, so primal and lethal, you'll be humming it for a week once it gets in there I admire its purity

-- some canadian communist on the internet, w/rt to "barbie girl"

"platonic earworm," i think. "like, it just wants to be friends, and nothing more?"

but, no that simply doesn't jive with the intensity of this chap's claim. he must be referring to the ~platonic ideal~ :: like, CHAIR, think of a chair, ok? this chair you think of, it's not an actual chair -- it is a perfect chair. ...or, rather, your perfect chair, your conception of a chair, and, thus, your perfect chair, the platonic ideal of a chair, but, instead, the platonic ideal of an earworm. apparently, this is the sort of song aqua's "barbie girl" is. like something escaped from secure, contain, and protect

personally, i would have called it the quintessential earworm, but what do i know, i'm not canadian

Smoking hot stems