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What serials, Barbie?


the first aqua record ever pressed -- STOLEN!


    that is the platonic earworm,
        so primal and lethal,
   you'll be humming it
 for a week
               once it gets in there
      I admire its purity

Source: Some Canadian communist on the Internet, w/rt to Aqua's "Barbie Girl"

"Platonic Earworm," I think. "Like, it just wants to be friends, and nothing more?"

...but, no -- That simply does not jive with the intensity of this chap's claim. He must be referring to the platonic ideal :: Like, CHAIR, think of a chair, OK? This chair you're thinking of; it's not an actual chair -- it is a perfect chair. ...or, rather, your perfect chair, your conception of a chair, and, thus, your perfect chair, the platonic ideal of a chair, your hair is a bird. but, instead, of a chair, it's an earworm. Apparently, this is the sort of thing Aqua's "Barbie Girl" is, to this man: As if it's escaped from secure, contain, and protect

Personally, I would have called it the quintessential earworm, but what do I know; I'm not Canadian.

Smoking hot stems
Life in plastic -- it's fantastic



The earworm cannot tolerate the presence of another earworm



Catching Earworms In The Act

Say you've gone through a breakup or something, and you've been wallowing in a mood for so long that you've become sick of it: sdfjsdfjk, fuck off, i'm so tired of being upset about this already! and you consciously opt to put it out of your mind.

Of course, a bit later, it begins to worm its way back: You feel yourself starting to think about... that thing again, that we were going to stop picking at, right? And now we're feeling the tug of its gravity off on the periphery of our consciousness, and... no, fuck off, don't think about it. We've fallen into that trap so many times we've begun to smell it before you step in it. Now we have this weird nether-zone in which we're aware we're potentially about to think about it, that thing, unnamed, because, to name it would be to think about it, and, strangely enough, in this meta-state, we actually have some measure of choice in the matter: Thinking about what thoughts to think... feeling a thought wanting to be thought about... knowing we've thought about this thought before, and thot not. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a lot of other thots to avoid

in any case, an earworm feels the same way, except it's not some breakup, it's a catchy melody. before it's in your head, it exists in that meta-form. should you strive to be mindful, perhaps you, too, can catch an earworm in the act of worming your ear.