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Sports Visualization ~ The best-known name; So I'll just borrow it.

If you're a well-adjusted human, you've probably spent time throwing crumpled-up paper into wastebaskets. No longer do I sit there; waste paper like I did when I was ten... but, I have to admit -- I relish when I have the legitimate excuse to effectively do the same thing: Oh, hey! I actually have to throw this paper out. So, heck...

After a few years, I noticed that I got the best results if I focused on the image -- no, scratch that; it's not merely an image. It's more like an animated gif of the ball of paper going into the basket, that I loop in my head (As I let the actual act of throwing happen off, somewhere... else).

Shortly thereafter, I also noticed -- Whenever I was worried about missing... I often did.

I propose a cross-fader between "Focusing On What You Want To Achieve" and "Doubt." Doubt gums up the works. Focusing on what you want to achieve mobilizes your mental resources more completely; efficiently. It does not guarantee success -- It's about operating at capacity.

sports visualization exports sports elaboration; the next word in your mind is